Twinning agreement

Twinning agreement

Get to know the twinnings of Almendralejo

Twinning agreement

Almendralejo, international city of wine and cordiality, can boast of been twinned with several towns at different moments over its history such as A Rúa (Galicia), Neckartailfingen (Germany), Ceprano (Italy), Setúbal (on the Portuguese coast) and Beja (Portugal).

A Rúa (Galicia-Spain)

The history of Almendralejo and A Rúa dates back to the 90s. Football, and more specifically CF Extremadura, was the first of the twinnings. A Rúa, a small town in the province of Ourense, opened its doors to the Extremadura football team in its first pre- season year. At that time, the construction of the new Francisco de la Hera stadium was slow for a first division team in Spain, so this Galician town helped us. From that moment on, invitations began to be sent out from both sides to the most important events and parties from each town, as well as commercial business. Almendralejo will do it with the wine cellar and the Galician people with their typical white wine. The official twinning took place in March 2002.

On January 10, 2011, the City Council of A Rúa approved in a plenary session to put the name of Avenida de Almendralejo to a public road that goes from the junction from 162 Progreso Street tto the roundabout that goes to the local cemetery.

Neckartailfingen (GERMANY)

Neckartailfingen is a small town in Germany, located 20 kilometres from Stuttgart, in the region of Baden-Wüttemberg, in the south of the country.

The twinning with this city began thanks to the great friendship between the Cultural and Folkloric Association Tierra de Barros and Volkstanzgruppe of Neckartailfingen, which have exchanged dance and culture since 1978. The character of the Germans, together with the open and healthy character of the people from our town, ended up with this “relationship”.

In 2006 a delegation from the Almendralejo Town Hall went to visit Germany to make the twinning official. In 2007 people from the Neckartailfingen Town Hall visited us. At that moment a street with the name of “Almendralejo” got inaugurated.
It is worth to say that in 2004, the Centre for Tourist Initiatives awarded the German floklore group with the "Miajón de los Castúos" prize.

Ceprano (ITALY)

In July 2017 Almendralejo had its third twinning agreement: the village of Ceprano. Located in the centre of Italy, a few kilometres from Rome. The Italians chose Almendralejo to formalise this relationship through a European Union programme. Ceprano and Almendralejo share a land of wines and archaeological remains are points of union and both towns also have San Roque as their patron saint. Another common point is music, as Almendralejo took several members of the municipal band and the jazz music institute to Italy. This twinning is a good opportunity to collaborate commercially with the products from Almendralejo.

Setubal (Portugal)

This is the fourth twinning and collaboration with Almendralejo that started in 2018. Setúbal is a city in Portugal which is located on the northern bank of the Sado estuary. The distance between Almendralejo and Setúbal is about 250 kilometres (two and a half hours by car approximately).
The connection between the two towns has led to the organisation of joint activities, especially with wine as the link.

Beja (Portugal)

The last twinning and collaboration with Almendralejo is the Portuguese town of Beja which is located in the south of the country in a region known as the Alentejo.

The collaboration with Beja took place in the Vinipax Fair in Beja, where the wines of Almendralejo were and likewise, their wines were there too in Almendralejo in the Iberovinac Fair.

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