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The city offers you the possibility of enjoying the quality of the wine tourism, visiting traditional, modern and innovative wineries that invite you to taste our wines and wine cellars and discover their history.

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Discover Almendralejo

a small city where you can discover its heritage, archaeological, cultural and gastronomic offer.

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The main function of this web is the tourism promotion of the capital of Tierra de Barros. Get to know its main places of interest, gastronomic routes or take a tour of our origins.

"We will recommend you our best offer to make your stay as pleasant as possible, always taking safety measures."

Oficina de Turismo
Ambassadors and friends


Marcelo Pacheco
Cava Ambassador

“I have been living outside from Almendralejo, in Madrid, for more than 30 years, but my heart is still in the place where I grew up.”
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José Mª Fdez. De Vega
Cava Ambassador

"Our wine cellar is part from our heritage and an enormous opportunity for Almendralejo. The name of our city travels around the world being associated with the quality of our tsparkling wine and that attracts many visitors who feel very satisfied with the enormous enogastronomic and cultural heritage."

María Antonia Fernández-Daza
Cava Ambassador

"As a professional and passionate person about the world of wine, I recommend you to visit Extremadura but specially, Almendralejo and its oenological heritage. "
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Jesús Flores

"As a person who was born in Extremadura and linked to Almendralejo,the world and the culture of our wines, I recommend you to visit this charming city and apart from our wines also enjoy our heritage and archaeological culture."

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